Thursday, March 13, 2008

Morinda Citrifolia (Mengkudu)

Morinda Citrifolia (Mengkudu)

Filum: Angiospermae, Sub filum: Dycotiledones,
Divisi: Lignosae, Family: Rubiaceae, Genus: Morinda,
Species: citrifolia. Scientific name : Morinda citrifolia

There are 80 species include in morinda genus. According to HB. Guppy scientist from england who learn morinda at 1990 said 60 percent from 80 species of morinda growth in indonesia, malaysia and in island around india and fasific ocean.
Only 20 species have economics value such as : Morinda bracteata, Morinda officinalis, Morinda fructus, Morinda tinctoria and Morinda citrifolia. Morinda Citrifolia (mengkudu) is the most populer then others and usually named as "Queen of The Morinda". This species has diffrent name in other country, Noni in Hawaii, Nonu or Nono in Tahiti, Cheese Fruit in Australia, Mengkudu, Pace in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Polinesia People use Morinda as medicine and very popular generated to genarated. Becouse of this, the scientist interested to made the research.
in 1950, the scientist found substance anti bacteria in Morinda
in 1960-1980, Another research found that Morinda have substance to overcome Hypertension
in 1972, DR. Ralph Heinicke made research about Xeronine and Morinda
in 1993, the new substance was found, name is damnacanthal which use as anti cancer.
Morinda is also use to help healing process several diseases, such as Gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, cholera and pneumonia.


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